Cell phone signal booster LCD Dual band Repeater

Kunruo this product is our first customized product for the consumer class market.Products from the price, appearance, easy to install, high quality for the starting point of a more civil market for the product.Add LCD screen design to make products more technological sense.Add voice assistant function to allow non-professionals to install the equipment correctly.At the same time, it inherits the quality and stability of kunruo commercial products.

Covering area: if less than 1000 square meters, it can with 1-4 indoor antennas.


Function description of LCD screen

Not only the output power dBm value is displayed, but also the output status of the host can be viewed according to the progress bar. When the progress bar reaches 100%, the working status of the host is the best.At the same time, add the function of automatic control and self-check, and combine with voice assistant to help users to install the product easily and correctly

ALC: when the output power reaches 100%, it is the most ideal working state of the host.When the output power exceeds 100%, the power automatic control starts to work and displays as “on”, and the automatic protective host works within 100% output power.

AGC: “on” when the gain control circuit starts working.

RFI: when interference is detected inside the host or installed, it is displayed as “yes”.

Voice : when the voice assistant is turned on, the horn icon is turned on, and the voice assistant can be switched on and off by button.

Work : when the phone is working, its icon is always on or flashing.
POWER: works best when output power is 100%.

Voice assistant description

1. Power-on prompt:Welcome to use our repeater, outdoor antenna should be install outside, of the window as higher as possible , the best position is the top of building.

2. ALC opened displayed “ON” with prompt: ALC was opened.

3. AGC opened displayed “ON” with prompt:AGC was opened, keep more than 10 meters, between indoor and outdoor antennas.
4. RFI displays “YES” when interference is found, and prompt:
Repeater was interfered, please check the cable and connector, make sure 10meters ,between indoor and outdoor antenna.
5. No signal input prompt:Please connect the outdoor antenna, and install out of the window. best position is the top of building.
6. Insufficient signal input prompt:
If outside signal is weak, please arise the outdoor antenna ,or adjust the antenna direction.
7. Installation completion prompt: Installation finished , if the signal not well, please check connection and interference.

Install repeater station for the first time user, usually the problems as follow: the antenna not installed in the correct position, outdoor antenna and indoor antenna interference, antenna and host interference, poor contact of connecting head, these problems seem very simple, but the installation process is easy to make careless, most users do not have the habit of study instruction, through the above installation assistant auxiliary, these problems will be readily solved.

Technical specifications
Model and Frequency

Model Frequency range
K1770-GTF 890-915,935-960; 1880-1920MHz
K1770-GTE 890-915,935-960; 2320-2370MHz
K1770-GTD 890-915,935-960; 2575-2635MHz
K1770-GD 890-915,935-960; 1710-1785,1805-1880MHz
K1770-GW 890-915,935-960; 1920-1980,2110-2170MHz
K1770-CG 890-915,935-960; 824-849,869-894MHz
K1770-CW 824-849,869-894; 2110-2170MHz
K1770-DW 1710-1785,1805-1880; 2110-2170MHz

Other technical specifications

Indoor antenna 1-4PCS
Covering area <1000 Square meter
Output power 17±1dBm
Gain 70±2dB
Noise Figure ≤5dB
In-band Ripple ≤5dB
Group Delay ≤5μs
ALC ≥ 25dB
VSWR ≤2.0
Inter-modulation ≤-45dBc/3kHz
Impedance 50 Ohm
Connector SMA -Female
Power Supply AC:100v-240v DC:5v6A
Weight 1kg

Detailed Images

Appearance and performance:
The shell is made of ABS material + double layer metal coating process.The shell has ABS beautiful appearance and properties of metal materials
Shielding and protection:
Outer shielding, the surface of the shell is coated with a metal shielding layer, and the shielding layer has added a protective film to prevent the shell from oxidation, the hand touch is not dirty, and does not change color for a long time.
1 Shielding and design:
Inner shield, inner metal shield.The shielding box is designed to meet the shielding requirements of 5G equipment in the future.
Heat dissipation and technology:
Internal CNC process heat dissipation aluminum plate, heat dissipation ideal.About 60 screws are used to seal the main board between the aluminum plate and each shielding box.The internal anti-interference ability is strong, the signal quality is higher
1 High quality circuit board :
Circuit board, inherits the technology and quality of kunruo’s commercial products Good craftsmanship, better motherboards,signal booster is good.
Working performance is stable:
Kunruo’s each host,using ALC control. after full power output, if outdoor input signal to reincrease 30dB will not affect the host technical index, can ensure that the host will working best in the complex environment.
Low Noise amplifier circuit design, actual Noise Figure about 3dB, minimal interference to the base station