Product patent NO.:206865457U / 304665001S
This mobile signal booster repeater is a high-quality item customized by Kunruo for engineering environment.
It using multi-grid aluminum shell and design and CNC processing technology, and excellent electronic components are selected to ensure the quality and stability.
Excellent technical indicators, which can be used by telecommunication operators and tendering etc professional-level users.
Covering area: if less than 2500 square meters, it can with 1-10 indoor antennas.

Technical specifications
Model and Frequency

Model Frequency range
KR20CP 834-849,869-894;1850-1910,1930-1990MHz
KR23CD 834-849,869-894; 1710-1785,1805-1880MHz
KR23GD 890-915,935-960; 1710-1785,1805-1880MHz
KR20GW 890-915,935-960; 1920-1980,2110-2170MHz

Other technical specifications

Output power 20/23±1dBm
Gain 70±2dB
Noise Figure ≤5dB
In-band Ripple ≤5dB
Group Delay ≤5μs
ALC ≥ 30dB
VSWR ≤2.0
Inter-modulation ≤-45dBc/3kHz
Impedance 50 Ohm
Connector N-Female
Power Supply AC:100v-240v DC:5v6A
Weight 1.55kg

Detailed Images

This series of hosts consists of two single-frequency hosts. Increase the cooling strip design around. The circuit adopts ALC and ATT dual control, so that the host meets the requirements of commercial-level indicators. The indicator light adopts the separate design, which can be used for the design of the indicator light and can also be customized as the LCD screen.

The interior of the shell adopts modular design, more separate signal at all levels in the internal implementation isolation, internal by CNC machining, mainboard and shell one integrated mass.

Dual PCB board, separated by 7mm thick aluminum plate. The signals of the two main boards do not interfere with each other. Using high quality devices such as ceramic duplexers allows the host’s specifications to meet commercial-grade requirements.

Low radiation

Relative to the common mobile signal booster repeater coverage equipment market, KUNRUO 0.2 W radiation effect higher than other brand 2W radiation.

Working performance is stable

Kunruo’s each mobile signal booster repeater, after full power output, if outdoor input signal to reincrease 30dB will not affect the host technical index, can ensure that the host will working best in the complex environment.

Indicator Light
Power:If the LED is lighting, means the repeater is connected to a power supply.
Signal:30% LED lighting means output power reach to 30%,60% LED lighting means output power reach to 60%.100% LED lighting means output power reach to 100%.
Work:The Work LED only lighting means the cellphone is working, otherwise the outdoor antenna is too near to indoor antenna made a radio frequency interference.
ALC: Automatic Level Control >10dB, the ALC LED is lighting.
BS:(Base Station): connect outdoor antenna.
MS:(Mobife Station): connect indoor antenna.