Detailed Images

The indicator light is distinct.

Because of this product is usually installed in a higher position, such as wall, ceiling, in order
wathch the working state of the host, so the indicator light must be clear, and also does not need to use the ladder to watch the host state when debugging.

The shell quality is very good.
The interior of the shell adopts modular design, more separate signal at all levels in the internal implementation isolation, internal by CNC machining, mainboard and shell one integrated mass.

High signal index.
Signal index is up to the level of the operators bidding, there is no interference problems by themselves, can also use poor environment, have strong ability to through walls.

Low radiation
Relative to the common mobile phone signal coverage equipment market, KUNRUO 0.2 W radiation effect higher than other brand 2W radiation.

Working performance is stable
Kunruo’s each host, after full power output, if outdoor input signal to reincrease 30dB will not affect the host technical index, can ensure that the host will working best in the complex environment.