Product patent NO.:303912372S
This wireless repeater is a high-quality item customized by Kunruo for engineering environment.
It using multi-grid aluminum shell and design and CNC processing technology, and excellent electronic components are selected to ensure the quality and stability.
Excellent technical indicators, which can be used by telecommunication operators and tendering etc professional-level users.
The wireless repeater is mainly used for large projects with a maximum coverage area of 30,000 square meters.


GSM900 CDMA800
Model KR30G KR33G KR37G KR33C
Indoor antenna 1-30pcs 1-40pcs 1-50pcs 1-40pcs
Covering area 10000㎡ 15000㎡ 20000㎡ 15000㎡
Output power 30±2dBm 33±2dBm 37±2dBm 33±2dBm
dBm-W 1W 2W 5W 2W
Gain 85±2dB 85±2dB 85±2dB 85±2dB
Dimensions 320*265*63mm
Weight 6.5KG
Connector N-Female
ALC >25dB
ATT 1-31dB
VSWR <2.0
Noise Figure <3dB
Inter-modulation >-45dBc
In-band Ripple <5dB
Impedance 50Ω
Power Supply AC:110V-240V   DC: +24V/4A


Model KR33P KR33D KR33W
Indoor antenna 1-30pcs 1-30pcs 1-30pcs
Covering area 10000㎡ 10000㎡ 10000㎡
Output power 33±2dBm 33±2dBm 33±2dBm
dBm-W 2W 2W 2W
Gain 85±2dB
Dimensions 320*365*63mm
Weight 6.5KG
Connector N-Female
ALC >25dB
ATT 1-31dB
VSWR <2.0
Noise Figure <3dB
Inter-modulation >-45dBc
In-band Ripple <5dB
Impedance 50Ω
Power Supply AC:110V-240V   DC: +24V/4A

Detailed Images

Aluminum Case .Fanless Design:High quality aluminum case with exquistite cooling teech for quick heat dissipation, Fanless design for dustproof and no noise during operation, give you a quiet environment.

The shell quality is very good:The interior of the shell adopts modular design and custom-made by a single piece of aluminum CNC. Each RF device is completely sealed inside, allowing components to work in the best environment.

Starting Protection:
The self-test mode is entered within 1 minute after power-on, and the installation is started without interference. Repeter does not turn on if there is interference in the installation. Due to the high power of this series of Repeater, this function can prevent the Repeater from interfering with the environment.

Low radiation:Relative to the common mobile phone signal coverage equipment market, KUNRUO 0.2 W radiation effect higher than other brand 2W radiation.

Working performance is stable:Kunruo’s wireless repeater, after full power output, if outdoor input signal to reincrease 30dB will not affect the host technical index, can ensure that the host will working best in the complex environment.

Indicator Light:
Power:If the LED is lighting, means the repeater is connected to a power supply.
Signal:30% LED lighting means output power reach to 30%,60% LED lighting means output power reach to 60%.100% LED lighting means output power reach to 100%.
Work:The Work LED only lighting means the cellphone is working, otherwise the outdoor antenna is too near to indoor antenna made a radio frequency interference.
ALC: Automatic Level Control >10dB, the ALC LED is lighting.
BS:(Base Station): connect outdoor antenna.
MS:(Mobife Station): connect indoor antenna.

ATT Instructions:

ATT (Dgital Attenuator): Attenuates the gain of the host.

Usually the ALC indicator light indicates that the input signal is too strong, and the gain can be attenuated by the ATT dial code. Attenuating the gain through the ATT reduces the gain interference that the host can generate, but does not reduce the power.
1-2-4-6-8-16 represents the attenuation value. The combination of numbers can be added up to 31dB. The dialing ON state represents the start of attenuation.
For example: UP’s 1st 3rd and 4th dial codes go to the ON state, which means that 1+4+8=13dB attenuates the uplink gain by 13dB.


The distance between the outdoor antenna and indoor antenna is at least 8 meters.

This series of device can be used for outdoor coverage. The outdoor antenna should be as high as possible, and one antenna can cover 500-1000 meters. It can also be amplified by relay.
This model wireless repeater, one outdoor antenna can be shared by more than one hosts, and the host can be replaced by trunk amplifier. Installtion case prove that more than 10 sets host share by one outdoor antenna, the signal is also available, It means that the interference of 10 hosts together in a line.
Because of the wireless repeater’s technical indicators are excellent. Therefore, 5 units series connection can be realized. we can use wireless relay amplification for long-distance place where is inconvenient cable-pull, and also can be wired in series connection by dry-wire amplifiers. It can be used in tunnels with a length of more than 1,000 meters, and the place where have normal signal is hundred metres far away from the house.